New feature! Questions & Answers

We wanted to share a brand new feature that we have launched on the site.

After noticing that lots of you were asking questions about companies and products in comments we decided to make it easier to get those questions seen and answered. We call it Q&A – questions and answers.

So how does it work?

Anyone can ask a question

You”re thinking about buying a digital camera but can”t decide between the Sony and the Canon, you want to know which is the best for low exposure photos.

Now you can ask an owner what they think. You go to each item and ask your questions:

“Do you recommend this camera for low exposure shoots?”

Anyone can answer a question

Whilst reviewing your vacuum cleaner you notice that another member has left a question about it and you think you can help so you leave your answer.

“Yes, it”s great for pet hair. Especially on the sofas!”

Become an expert

You bought yourself a top of the

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range VW Golf and have owned it now for several months. Yes, it has its quirks but you would recommend it to anyone.

You can now make yourself an expert on the site.

If another member asks a question on the VW Golf you own you will be sent an email asking if you can help answer it. It”s that simple. Click the link and submit your answer.

“I had the same problem. Take it to your local garage and ask them to check the tyres.”

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