Get Your Review Ratings into Google Product Search & PPC Listings

This is a question that we get asked quite often, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. The eagle-eyed amongst you will be aware that Google pulls product reviews into various search products of theirs – notably product search and paid search listings, as highlighted by the big red boxes in the images below:

Reviews in Google Product Search

Reviews In Google Product Search

Reviews in PPC Listings

Reviews In PPC Listings

These are good for lots of reasons:

  1. It makes product vendors look good
  2. Consumers like to see their purchasing decisions validated
  3. Consumer reviews can help to increase conversion rates (even negative reviews)

So all of these are good, right? We can see why people would want these. And we’d like to help product owners and vendors to do all they can to get these ratings shown against their website. BUT, ultimately this is something that Google control. We don’t work with Google to do this. Like any website on the internet, Google crawls our content on a frequent basis. Google knows we’re a review website, and then matches our review content to websites in their product search. We have no inside knowledge as to how they do this matching. All we know about the process is what they’ve written about publicly:

Google Adwords – Introducing Sell Rating Extensions
Google Merchant Center – Google Product Search Seller Ratings

Based on this documentation, and our own understanding of how the process works, I thought I’d go through some of the common questions we get asked, and try and provide some useful answers

Common Questions

(Q) We’re listed on Review Centre – why aren’t Google picking up our ratings?
(A) Google say “if your online store is rated in Google Product Search, you have 4 or more stars, and you have at least 30 reviews, you’ll automatically get seller ratings with your ads.” Is this the case for your website?

(Q) OK, we’ve done that, but our ratings still aren’t showing.
(A) Elsewhere, Google say “for Google Product Search ratings to appear your business must have at least 30 unique seller reviews.” This is slightly different to the quote immediately above, in that they use the word unique. I don’t know if they do this or not, but there’s a chance that Google are measuring uniqueness of reviews. If some of your reviews are quite similar (i.e. perhaps there are a few that just say “This is good”), then these probably won’t stand up to their uniqueness test.

(Q) OK, we’ve got 30 unique reviews, but our ratings still aren’t showing.
(A) Google say that reviews aren’t added to Google Product in real time. That means if you’ve just got 30 reviews, you won’t see ratings immediately. From our experience with other Google products (rich snippets for example), we’ve noticed a lag time of about 2 months from something being approved, to it showing up in Google search results. This could be the same for product ratings.

(Q) We’ve got ratings showing against our website, but they’re not our ratings – they’re ratings for a completely different website
(A) This is something we’ve seen happen a handful of times, when two companies have very similar names. Potentially this could be fixed either by amending your store

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name in your Google Merchant Center account, or by contacting us, and asking us to tweak your store name on Review Centre. This is not us at fault, and is caused by Google incorrectly matching our data to theirs. While we will do all we can to update your store name on Review Centre, as per previous answers, this change is not likely to be reflected in your ratings immediately, as Google will need to redo their matching.

(Q) Ratings used to show, but have now stopped showing for our website
This could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps for some reason the number of reviews available to Google for your website has dropped below 30. Perhaps, for some reason, a disconnect has been introduced between your store name in your Merchant Center account, and your store name on Review Centre. Check both of these, and get in touch if you need something changed on Review Centre.

Other Review Websites

It’s also worth mentioning that there are other review websites out there that Google use for ratings. Below I’ve listed a few others that I’m aware of in the UK that I know Google use:



I’d like to point out that this post is written based on my observations, and from what I understand of the way Google works. Some of these observations may be incorrect, and I’m happy to be corrected (drop me a comment below). I would especially welcome any comments from Googlers, who may be able to clear up some of the processes involved in trying to get their Review Centre ratings showing within Google.

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33 Responses to Get Your Review Ratings into Google Product Search & PPC Listings

  1. Gary Rolfe says:

    Great, you’ve answered some questions I had myself!

    We have the 30+ unique reviews, so I guess we’ll just have to wait a while longer before they show.

    Thank you

  2. Fraser says:

    Any comment on the quality of reviews being pulled? Has the value of this Google feature not been wiped out in certain areas by companies posting instead of consumers?

  3. Jonny says:

    Hi Fraser – sorry, I’m not sure how Google determines which reviews to pull. I’d be surprised if they had a way to determine quality. In terms of companies posting reviews, we have measures in place to try and prevent that.

  4. Bex says:

    Google have advised us their ‘bot’ which crawls reviewcentre isn’t working, they don’t have a fix and it’s with their developers and they have no timescales…we’ve had over 30 uniqe reviews since May (when we riasd it with them)

    We still do not have seller rated stars….seems like an unfair playing field to me!

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  6. Misterweb says:

    Reviewcentre, can you tell us if Google’s crawler is currently able to crawl reviewcentre and do you have any clearer an idea on how often they update their records of your reviews?

  7. Hi Seems like reviewcentre hasn’t fed any new reviews to google since August 21st for our site, any ideas?


  8. Katherine says:

    Hi Andy,

    Have you spoken to Google about the problem? Unfortunately we do not have any control over how often they crawl the page on our site so as long as you have not made any changes to your company details they should be able to pull the reviews through.

  9. Tim says:

    Hello RC,

    Do Google still use the reviews entered on this site to populate its adwords star rating. I have noted the comments above from 2012. Is it sitll the case that they can take up to 2 months to appear etc or that the feed is not being regularly updated via google crawls?

    Many thanks


  10. Katherine says:

    Hi Tim,

    Google still use third party reviews such as ours on adwords. Google have previously advised us that it can take anything from a few weeks to months for them to check (it is a manual process for them). Once a company page has at least 30 reviews then they should start to appear.

    Thanks :)

  11. Phil says:

    Hi there,

    Have Google stopped using Reviewcentre for reviews that show up as seller ratings in adwords extensions?

    We have had 30 stars showing in Google all year, and now in reviewcentre have 33 reviews, but they have all been removed from Google. I have also noticed Reviewcentre reviews have been removed all over Google on others and cannot find any?

    I have just read a report that Google are not using Reviewcentre anymore? I am sitting here on around 5000 freshly printed leaflets that go out with our products asking customers to leave us a review on reviewcentre…. rather frustratingly as our goal was to display our reviews in the google extensions.

  12. Chris says:

    Katherine – Looks like Google have now dropped Review Centre from search results? Would be good to know if this is a blip or a permanent change.

  13. Alex says:

    I heard that you have been banned by google and your seller ratings no longer appear on adwords. Is that true?


  14. Svet says:


    I noticed that all of our seller ratings where removed from Google Ratings Page and seller ratings do not appear anymore. I can see the same things for other websites too. Are you still in partnership with google?

  15. Katherine says:

    Hi, Google recently made several changes to the way their Seller Ratings work and due to this they no longer pull our reviews.

  16. Katherine says:

    Hi, we have not been banned. Google made several changes to the way they pull third party reviews and due to this our reviews no longer show.

  17. Katherine says:

    Hi, Google recently made several changes to the way they pull third party reviews such as ours and due to the changes they no longer show our reviews.

  18. Katherine says:

    Hi Phil, user reviews are still very important to consumers when making buying decisions. Your reviews will still be seen in Google search results and found by possible customers. So having your reviews on an independent user review site is still worthwhile.

    Google made several changes to how they pull third party reviews and due to this they no longer show our reviews.

  19. Glenn says:

    If review centre reviews are no longer shown on google it’s time to look for a new review company!?,!

  20. Katherine says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sadly we have no control over how Google pull third party reviews. Google has made several changes recently to how they display third party reviews and due to these changes they no longer show our reviews.

    They have created this page to try and answer any questions with links for getting in touch.

    You can still display our star ratings badge on your website to help customers when they are browsing your website and still show when anyone searches for reviews of your company in Google.

    The power of genuine reviews on an independent site has a positive impact on how customers view a company.

    If we can help with anything else please let us know.

  21. Sid says:

    Are you actively trying to sort this issue? I think we all would like to know if this is being resolved?

  22. Can I ask what you are doing if anything to get your reviews shown on Google again? We used to have our Review Centre reviews showing on our Adwords campaign which made a difference to click through rates. Google now no longer shows these from Review Centre.

    I appreciate that Google is out of your control but, they are showing other third party review, which should surely suggest that having customers post reviews to this website is now largely pointless. I appreciate that we can still show the reviews on our own personal website etc… but I can do that with any 3rd party vendor! The power to show them in the search result and on Google PPC advertising is really important to any business that takes search marketing seriously.

    So are you making changes to bring yourself in line with Google changes? Are you speaking to them to try and work through the problems that have highlighted or is Review Centre dead as a viable 3rd party review site for the future? Thanks

  23. Katherine says:


    We will continue to talk to Google about the future but currently there are no plans for changes. If you can understand we do need to protect ourselves as an independent review site for users and the changes Google made just did not work for us.

  24. Jim says:


    Thank you for your feedback. You reference above “the changes Google made just did not work for us”. Does this mean that you have made a choice not to adopt or adapt to these changes? What changes are you referring to?

    We very much respect your concern and mission to maintain an independent review site. Some of us have referred 10s of thousands of customers to reviewcentre and have made a significant investment in reviewcentre’s ability to work with google. I would think this should be very close to the highest priority for your company. I hope you can appreciate the urgency of you addressing this immediately with google to the best of your ability.

    Please keep us updated on your progress. Thanks.

  25. Ok, thanks for the reply Katherine, much appreciated.

  26. Robert Lee says:

    I strongly agree with Jim. Review Centre should see it as a priority that reviews from their site re-appear in Google Shopping results.

    I direct people to Review Centre precisely because I want boost Google Shopping ratings. The link Katherine helpfully posted actually has a list of sites whose reviews will be included, so I’ll have to direct my customers to one of those sites from now on instead –

    Quite relieved that I only signed up to a 1 month rolling contract with Review Centre now

  27. Jim says:

    Hi Katherine,

    On the link that you posted above to google’s support page it says:

    “Starting in late January, seller ratings will be calculated using review services that license their information to us, so you might see changes to how they appear for your account. This improvement in data quality will make seller ratings more accurate.”

    Is the problem that you have not entered not a license agreement for google to display your reviews?

  28. Katherine says:

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, this is the case. We are still talking to Google to see if there is any other way to work with them on this.

  29. Rob says:

    Hi Katherine

    I’ve just been reading through this post as the seller ratings have not appeared next to the ads for quite some time now. Finally got round to researching why this is.

    I do really hope you can come to an agreement with Google on this as it really made a big difference to the ads ctr etc. theres over 150 ratings now and we do show the badge on the website which is great but really would like the stars next to the PPC ads.

    Appreciate your comments on the posts above and keeping everyone in the loop. Hope this can be resolved soon.

  30. I have a question, I noticed with many other websites in our field that their reviews stars (schema ratings) are showing up in Google serps. My question is; is there a minimum amount required before the rich snippets show in the serps alongside our listings?

  31. Tim says:

    Hello Buoyancy Media, – I believe you will only receive star ratings against your PPC ads when you have over unique 30 reviews in the last 12 months and average over 3.5 stars.

    Unfortunately, you will not receive star ratings at the current time based on Review Centre reviews alone due to RC not entering into a license agreement with Google, you can/should still stick with the html ratings schema in your html to show ratings for the organic listings, just not paid.

    Your only alternative to get a PPC review stars rating, would be to point your customers to another review site or Google’s own review platform part of Google local and products etc

    Katherine, is there any news on if RC will start to work with Google’s license agreements or feeds. We do like the nature of Review Centre as an Independent review site, but Google’s tie in with other review sites is a greater draw and I am now being drawn to them more as they will provide a greater boost for our site.

    Secondly, is there be any movement on the amount of paid ads RC show for a review listing. Currently the ads above the actual reviews push the listings a long way down the page. Surely we would all see a large reduction in bounces and contribution if the ads were moved to the bottom! Can this be trialled under an A/B test internally???

  32. Katherine says:

    Hi Tim,

    We are still talking to Google about other possibilities so will announce any updates via Twitter or Google+.


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