Battle of the Games Consoles

So we finally got a proper look at the new Playstation 4. Some are saying it looks like a space ship and others think it looks a little too much like the Xbox One, what we do know is the price is cheaper than the Xbox One and seems to have less restrictions to boot.

So what are the major differences and which one will you be adding to your Christmas wish list this year?


Sony Playstation 4 PS4


At £349, the PS4 is about £80 cheaper than the XBox One. Features an updated Dual Shock controller with a new share button for video streaming and sharing.

Main features and benefits:


Start games whilst you are still downloading. Previously a major flaw of the PS3 where users had to wait for games to fully download before playing. PlayGo allows gamers to start playing and download the rest of the game in the background.

Play Traded in Games:

A great move by Sony. Users will not be restricted by playing games bought second hand or lent by friends.

Second Screen App:

Using the Playstation App allows you to turn your smartphone into a second screen whilst playing. Great if you want to view a map in a particularly hazardous part of the game.

No Need to be Online to Play:

Sony has stated that there will be no need to have to be online to play games or check in every day making it great for those who may not have easy access to the internet in their home or restricted access.


Whilst playing a game you can also use a variety of different applications meaning

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you can browse the web at the same time.

Suspend Mode:

Ever get to a really engrossing part of a game only to have to stop and hate waiting for the game to load again when you get back? Suspend Mode lets you carry on from where you left off by pressing the power button.

Dual Shock Controller PS4



XBox One with Kinect

The Xbox One is billed as a state of the art games console and entertainment hub all in one making it the one piece of tech that you need to use in your home. At £429 the Xbox One is most expensive

Entertainment Connected:

The Xbox One allows you to connect up your cable or satellite system so you can watch TV through your Xbox.


Microsoft have added a Blu-Ray player bringing the Xbox One in line with the Playstation.


Snap Mode allows users to not only watch TV but

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also to Skype their friends so you can chat whilst you watch. You can also listen to music and play your game side by side.

Ready When you are:

Like the PS4, the Xbox One also has a suspend function which allows you to pause a game, watch a film then get straight back into the action where you left off. It also has a clever function of waking not only the Xbox One but also your TV when you say “Xbox one”

Smart Match:

Ever found yourself playing online with a group of people who you’d never choose to game with in real life? Smart Match claims to pair players using algorithms to those most like you.

New Improved Kinect:

Now included in the price of the Xbox One, the new Kinect can sense in the dark with it’s new infared

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sensor, has more microphones to cut through background noise and a 1080p camera to pick up more detail.

XBox One

Both gaming systems boast that they are designed for the best gaming experience ever with gamers and developers in mind. Both have home screens that are personalised for you and have similar processing power and design.

The major niggle for those thinking of getting the Xbox One is the restriction around traded-in games. For example, each game can only be traded once and you can only give games to people who are in your friends list. People have also voiced concerns about the Xbox One always being on in your home and somehow listening and always watching.

Once the consoles are on sale later this year we will really find out which one really provides the best gaming experience.

Which one are you tempted most by?

Sony Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

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